Audience Advocates

Our audience programming committee.

MWF has always been a place for discussion. Each year our audiences bring the Festival to life by responding passionately to the writing and ideas at the heart of our events.

Since 2015 we’ve been inviting fans of MWF to play a part in shaping the Festival.

Each year MWF appoints a committee of self-nominated Festival audience members – Audience Advocates – to contribute to the development of that year’s Festival program. Working directly with artistic director Marieke Hardy, our Audience Advocates assist the MWF programming team to ensure our Festival program is interesting, innovative and reflects the broad interests of Melbourne’s reading community.

Our 2018 Audience Advocates are:

Jacqui Baker
Michelle Buckley
Alexandra Coghill
Erin Farrow
Naish Gawen
Sarah Gill
Cassie McGannon
Inez Trambas
Katrina Whelen
Leah Williams
Christine Yunn-Yu Sun

If you have your own idea for the Festival, please submit it via our Digital Suggestion Box. All ideas submitted will be reviewed and considered by our programming team and Audience Advocates.

24 August –
2 September 2018