Audience Advocates FAQs

If I can’t make one of the meetings, can I still apply?

No, all Audience Advocates must commit to attending all meetings in full. If you cannot attend the meetings you can still submit your ideas via our Digital Suggestion Box or by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m under 18, can I apply?

We can only accept applications from people aged 18 or over. If you are under 18, please send us your ideas via our Digital Suggestion Box or by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.

I didn’t get selected – can I still submit ideas?

Yes! In 2018 we’re asking all MWF audience members to share their ideas. You can do so via our Digital Suggestion Box or by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. All ideas submitted via the Digital Suggestion Box will be discussed by the Festival director and our Audience Advocates.

How do I know if I’m experienced enough / my ideas are good enough to be an Audience Advocate?

No special literary knowledge or programming experience is required to be an Audience Advocate – just a passion for reading and an interest in talking about good writing and ideas! If you like reading and have attended Melbourne Writers Festival in the past, you’ll be perfect.

How will Audience Advocates be selected?

The Festival Director will select the Audience Advocates based on responses to the questions in the application. Her aim is to select 12 individuals who represent the diversity of Melbourne’s reading community.

Will my idea be turned into a Festival event?

The Festival director is committed to bringing our Audience Advocates ideas and suggestions to life in the Festival program, however, due to the complex nature of programming, can’t guarantee that any specific suggestion will be supported.

Can I invite my favourite author to the Festival?

Please do not make contact with any authors on behalf of Melbourne Writers Festival – only the Festival Director is charged with that duty.

24 August –
2 September 2018