Youth Committee

Our Youth Program Advisory Committee

In designing our 2016 Schools’ Program, for the first time Melbourne Writers Festival has formed Youth Programming Committees including students from Footscray City College and Wesley College to test ideas and gather feedback on books, authors and events that most appeal to school audiences.

Children and teens are some of our most passionate and imaginative readers and writers, and we’re excited that we’ve been able to tap into that creativity.

Our Youth Programming Committee members are:

Footscray City College
Millie Beswick-Wright (Year 8)
Imogen Braun (Year 10)
Jasmine Briggs (Year 7)
Nadire Capar (Year 12)
Spencer Davis (Year 10)
Hamish Drummond (Year 8)
Sara Haileyesus (Year 10)
Jamie Hoang (Year 11)
Abbie Liptrot (Year 9)
Isis Mitchener (Year 8)
Aidan Moran (Year 8)
James Pearce (Year 7)
Lily Veal (Year 9)

Wesley College
Indigo Casablanca (Year 8)
Tate Chaloner (Year 10)
Lulu Collins (Year 8)
Talia Collins (Year 10)
Sophia Doulis (Year 7)
Lara Joyce (Year 7)
Hugo Manuel (Year 7)
Jaspar Martin (Year 8)
Saskia Powles (Year 7)
Eliza Sheppard (Year 10)
Jayden Wilson (Year 8)

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