Festival Guide for Creative Young Minds

A creative playground for all ages, Melbourne Writers Festival features a plethora of family-fun events. From casting a spell to writing your own songs, plant a love of literature early on with our Festival Guide for Creative Young Minds.    Witches Workshop: Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble! Write your own spells…

August 10, 2018

Creative Conversations

Conversations at MWF18 are designed to enlighten and empower, from the books that made us better lovers, to sacred texts that ignited the activist inside us.

Theatre and Performance

From a church service to the childhood self to a passionate defence of all things reptilian, MWF is following the evolution of the written word to a world of performance.

Lyrics and Melodies

A tribute to the myriad ways words inspire us, MWF18 has expanded the program to include an incredible array of singers, songwriters, musicians and performers.

August 8, 2018

Public Scribes, Private Encounters

Led by Australian artist and curator Leisa Shelton, SCRIBE is an intimate immersive art experience that collects anonymous experiences from public contributors. In a series of face-to-face sessions with a scribe who listens, converses and records the experience in writing, audiences at MWF will be invited to create an ‘affective archive’ of their inner-most thoughts…

Festival Guide for Curious Souls and Bohemian Spirits

From theatre and performance to spoken word and song – MWF18 is a tribute to the myriad ways words inspire and unite us. For curious souls and bohemian spirits, we’ve compiled our favourite events from the bookish arts party that is this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival.   Sally Seltmann: Lovesome: Is it possible to separate your heart…

August 3, 2018

Pen Empty Chair at MWF18

Truth-telling is a dangerous business. Each year, many writers around the world are unjustly detained, imprisoned, tortured, forced into exile and in other ways silenced, in order to hide or ignore the issues that they bring to light. In 2016, PEN International’s worldwide case list included over 1000 writers: journalists, bloggers, poets, songwriters, novelists, playwrights. Since the…

MWF at Dandenong: Words & Storytelling

As well as activating the city of Melbourne, MWF celebates the cultural richness of the Dandenong community, with a series of free activities and events to inspire readers and writers all backgrounds. Browse through the full range of activities taking place from 25 to 31 August, supported by the City of Greater Dandenong. Storytelling Live:…

Footscray Community Arts Centre: Harness The Power of Art

In the heart of Melbourne’s inner west, Footscray Community Arts Centre is an arts and culture hub for local, regional and international communities. Throughout the Melbourne Writers Festival, Footscray Community Arts Centre will play host to a range of events that explore the power of art – from amplifying voices through live poetry and performance, to…

Industry Insights: Sharpen Your Craft at MWF18

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Learn the craft from the creators of the world’s best literature. From masterclasses to seminars, our Industry Insights hands-on workshop series will educate and inspire writers, publishers and editors at all career stages. Industry Insights: All About YA: Young adult fiction is wildly popular…