Meet Our Digital Storytellers

Monday 10 July 2017

MWF understands that the value of storytelling extends beyond the written form, and traditional platforms. For MWF 2017, we’ve engaged six exciting voices to not only report on this year’s Festival in new and innovative ways, but welcome us into the digital spaces they inhabit so well. In the lead-up to, as well as during, the ten-day Festival, our Digital Storytellers will get to meet authors and publishers, go behind the scenes, hang out at the invite-only Artist Party, and attend the events they want to go to the most.

All influencers in their own right, our Digital Storytellers are an eclectic array of personalities. Read on to discover more about their interests and preferred digital channels – and follow away!


Rebecca Gough
Rebecca Gough is a 24-year-old Melbourne-based blogger who began blogging on Instagram back in 2016. With her self-proclaimed ‘perpetual online bookish presence’, Rebecca also posts reviews on her blog Bec’s Books and engages with the community via Twitter. Her favourite genre is fantasy.


Kate Lloyd
Kate Lloyd is a twentysomething Melbourne-based blogger and a queer, feminist ‘bibliophile’. Kate blogs as Lillytales, via Instagram, YouTube and also an online blog, where she posts reviews, as well as musings on life, food, fashion, film and more.


Magan Magan
Magan Magan is a poet and emerging writer. His work has been published in Hyde magazine and a number of anthologies and he has also made appearances at the Emerging Writers Festival and National Young Writers Festival. Currently studying a bachelor of arts, Magan is participating in the Digital Storytellers program as part of the partnership between MWF and Victoria University to provide opportunities for students to have hands-on industry experience during their studies. You can find him on TwitterInstagram and his website.


Chami Rupasinghe
Chami Rupasinghe is a 20 year-old YouTuber based in Melbourne. Her YouTube channel ‘ReadLikeWildFire’ began in 2014, driven by sheer boredom and also a love of literature. ‘ReadLikeWildFire’ now covers not only books, but also make-up and other lifestyle content. You can also find Chami on Instagram and Twitter.


Rebecca van Roevan
Becca is best known online as Becca The Book Reviewer on both YouTube and Twitter. As you might expect, she shares her love of book through insightful reviews, and also participates in read-a-thons and vlogs about Melbourne-based events. A big anime fan, she also vlogs about her love of Sailor Moon.


Joyce Watts
Joyce Watts is the mastermind behind not one but two popular blogs. MEL: HOT OR NOT is the decisive guide to Melbourne, including restaurants, bars, art, culture and of course festivals! TOT: HOT OR NOT is a family travel blog that helps families to explore the best of Melbourne, Regional Victoria and beyond. Joyce honestly rates everything either HOT or NOT, with no sitting on the fence about anything.



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