Meet MWF Digital Storyteller: Magan

Wednesday 16 August 2017

For MWF 2017, we’ve engaged six exciting voices to be our Digital Storytellers. Not only will they get to report on this year’s Festival in new and innovative ways, but welcome us into the digital spaces they inhabit so well. Here, Magan tells all about learning the digital ropes, and what he’s most excited to see at this year’s Festival.

Describe yourself/public profile in under 50 words.

I am writer. I like to ease into my mornings by reading slowly. I am driven by passion and the sound of a saxophone. I’m a lover of food. I am moved by poetry and speech. Fruit and dancing to Wayne Wonder ‘No Letting Go’ on a Saturday night makes me happy. I believe Maxwell’s album ‘Now’ has healing properties.

What unique perspective or content do you hope to share online?

I carry my grandmother’s half way love on my back and strap the rest of my father’s absence around my ankles. This is why I write slowly. I don’t view my perspective to be unique; however, I have not had the luxury of seeing my voice in film or books or in regular conversations. I see myself as an in-betweener and much of being an in-betweener is living in this middle place – this place of un-belonging. I find that I happen to write and speak as someone on the fringe. I hope to reach the lonely, the sad, the heart broken, the ones who have spent their entire lives searching for love but have not found it, the ones who are crippled by shame. I desire to share work that will help build a community of such.

What has sparked your interest in building an online audience for your work?

I have a deep desire in getting to know the lives of people. I want to know the kinds of losses people have had to endure. I want to know what they are ashamed of, and what keeps them going. I want to connect with people, in particular the fading parts of themselves because I know intimately, the weight of shrinking.

What are you hoping to experience as part of the MWF Digital Storytellers program?

I am hoping to experience the workings of the festival. I am hoping to gain hands on experience in reaching out to the kind of audience I want by way of digital storytelling and writing.

Who are you most excited to see at MWF 2017?

There are so many amazing writers listed in the program but Cate Kennedy, Alice Pung, and Janet Mock are writers I am very much excited to see. I first came across Cate Kennedy’s poem ‘Binaries’ and was struck by her ability to capture a lot of meaning in a short poem. Alice Pung’s exploration and perspective on identity and belonging is refreshing. Janet Mock is a brilliant writer and thinker who shows us the possibility of living our authentic lives.

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading a collection of poems by poets Malika Booker, Sharon Olds and Warsan Shire. I am also reading Ocean Vuong’s poems from his collection ‘Night Sky with Exit Wounds’ as well as his essays.

Magan is participating in the Digital Storytellers program as part of the partnership between MWF and Victoria University to provide opportunities for students to have hands-on industry experience during their studies. You can find him on TwitterInstagram and his website.



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