Dominic & Natalie Dirupo

Meet our donors.

Meet Dominic & Natalie Dirupo

Dominic and Natalie Dirupo are two of our proudest supporters and donors. They tell us about themselves and what makes MWF so special.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Non-Melbourne natives who now call this wonderful city home.  We’re cultural grazers and enthusiastic readers.  We’ve been attending MWF for about five years now, and loving it more each time.

What is your favourite MWF moment?
Sitting down with a pen at the ready, opening the MWF guide and highlighting all the events we want to see. Meeting Boris Johnson was a hoot, Salman Rushdie was intense and learned, and Will Self was a complete legend.  Those are four moments but please permit us to brag.

Why do you donate to MWF?
MWF is our favourite event. It’s vibrant, enriching, fun, social and educational for people from eight to 80 from any culture and background.  Its role is vital to the community and for modern society to flourish, festivals like MWF need to continue.

Why should other people donate MWF?
Donations provide certainty to the Festival and allows it to stay at its high standard. MWF provides opportunities for local writers to be heard and gives local audiences access to global voices.  Donating to the MWF is a gift to the youth, the curious, the shy, the fence sitter, the creative, any people who want to learn or be entertained, and open to them under one big fabulous Festival.

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