Deconstructing Health

What can we learn about medicine and wellbeing through writing? Kate Cole-Adams (Anaesthesia) and Kate Grenville (The Case Against Fragrance) discuss what drew them to writing about science and health – and what they learnt along the way.

Tickets go on sale at 9am Friday 21 July. This session is able to be booked on a Festival Pass.

This event is fragrance free. We respectfully ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne to this session.

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Kate Cole-Adams

Kate Cole-Adams is a journalist and the author of Anaesthesia: The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness, published in 2017....

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Kate Grenville

Kate Grenville is one of Australia's most celebrated writers. Her most recent book The Case Against Fragrance, published in 2017, is a...

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25 August – 3 September