Happy Endings

What is the enduring appeal of happy endings in love stories? Maggie Alderson (The Scent of You), Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris (co-authors of The Hot Guy), and Fiona Lowe (Daughter of Mine) explore this common trope and reveal their approaches towards happily ever after.

Tickets go on sale at 9am Friday 21 July. This session is able to be booked on a Festival Pass.

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Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris is a Melbourne-based freelance journalist and critic. He’s been writing about and reviewing film for over twenty years and...

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Fiona Lowe

Fiona Lowe has been a midwife, a sexual health counsellor and a family support worker – an ideal career for an author who writes novels...

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Maggie Alderson

Maggie Alderson is the internationally bestselling author of nine novels. Her children's book, Evangeline the Wish Keeper's Helper, was...

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Mel Campbell

Mel Campbell is a freelance journalist, critic, copywriter and editor. Campbell co-founded the award-winning publishing project Is Not...

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Kate Cuthbert

Kate Cuthbert is the managing editor of Escape Publishing, an imprint of Harlequin Australia. She is also an award-winning writer, speaker and...

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25 August – 3 September