Intergenerational Warfare

From housing affordability and workplace security to education, millennials are faced with unique challenges – but is it worse than what previous generations went through, or just different? Mark Davis, Rebecca Huntley, and Jamila Rizvi explore.

Tickets go on sale at 9am Friday 21 July. This session is able to be booked on a Festival Pass.

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Adolfo Aranjuez

Adolfo Aranjuez is the editor of Metro, Australia's oldest film and media periodical. He is also the subeditor of Screen...

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Jamila Rizvi

Jamila Rizvi is a writer, radio presenter and commentator. She writes a column for News Limited about politics and gender, hosts radio for Fox FM...

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Mark Davis

Mark Davis is a Melbourne-based nonfiction writer. His 1997 book Gangland: Cultural Elites and the New Generationalism was a national...

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Rebecca Huntley

Dr Rebecca Huntley is one of Australia's foremost researchers on social trends. She holds degrees in law and film studies and a PhD in gender...

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25 August – 3 September