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Climate Change (2016)

350 Pacific’s Jacynta Fuamatu, Indigenous Australian writer Jared Thomas and Inuit activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier discuss the right for their communities to have a say in international conversations about climate change. With Tony Birch.


Wiradjuri Stories (2016)

Anita Heiss talks about responsibility and historical truth in fiction – and why she'll never retreat from writing Aboriginal characters. With Daniel Browning.


Muslim Feminism (2016)

Eliza Vitri Handayani, Shakira Hussein and Monique Toohey dissect the intersection of feminism and Muslim identity. Highlights from their discussion about Islamic culture and women's rights.


Writing Diverse Characters (2016)

How can writers reflect diverse cultural and social backgrounds, without co-opting the experiences of others? Jared Thomas and Vikki Wakefield wrangle with the politics of representation.


Can the Refugee Narrative be Shifted? (2016)

Madeline Gleeson, Abdul Karim Hekmat, Jamila Rizvi and Arnold Zable discuss the importance of language in shaping opinions and perceptions around Australia's asylum seeker policy. With Ruby Hamad.


Wives & Mothers (2015)

Annabel Crabb and Kate Grenville discuss their books, and the concepts of what it means to be a wife and mother, with Hilary Harper.


Novel Ideas (2015)

Novelists James Bradley and Mireille Juchau reflect on how ideas come together with story and character in their work. With Sarah Kanowski.


Australia: War and Reconstruction (2015)

Esteemed historian Stuart Macintyre talks about how post-war reconstruction shaped Australia against a background of wartime sacrifice and austerity. Hosted by Christina Twomey.


Don Watson: The Bush (2015)

Don Watson explains why the bush occupies such an important place in the national consciousness, and what its centrality says about Australia.


North Korea Uncovered (2015)

Filmmaker Anna Broinowski and memoirist Suki Kim report back on their sojourns in a bizarre world where oppression is only relieved by the mass military spectacles of the regime: North Korea.


Media Makers: Journalism Then & Now (2015)

In this Fifth Estate special hosted by Sally Warhaft, Latika Bourke and Barrie Cassidy talk about what it's like to be a political reporter today, when breaking news is measured by second-by-second tweets (instead of next-day newspapers).