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The Politics of Sex (2013)

Anna Krien and Shereen El Feki join Sophie Cunningham to discuss how the politics of sex provides a literary lens from which to view society.


Women in Dark Times (2013)

Jacqueline Rose explains how revolutionary 19th century socialist Rosa Luxemburg and Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe straddled the divide between their political and inner lives.


Mossad: The Great Operations (2013)

Israel's foremost expert on espionage, Michael Bar-Zohar, joins Leah Garrett to reveal the secrets behind the world's most enigmatic secret service organisation.


Screw Everyone (2013)

Wisecracking Canadian comic Ophira Eisenberg talks frankly with Clementine Ford about sex, relationships and the ins and outs of putting your love life on public display – one promiscuous encounter at a time.


Big Ideas: Tradition Versus Development (2013)

Can communities reap the benefits of development whilst still preserving their cultural identity? Natasha Mitchell introduces Indonesian educator and activist Butet Manurung, linguist Simon Musgrave, Ambassador of Timor-Leste Abel Guterres, and Asia Development Bank economist Steve Pollard.