Belong’s Reading List: Aboriginal Women at MWF18

Melbourne Writers Festival is committed to creating space for First Nations voices within the Festival program. We celebrate the breadth, depth, and diversity of Aboriginal authors, poets, journalists and commentators through appearances by many talented individuals. In 2018 MWF was proud to have Belong as a cultural partner for the first time, with a strong focus throughout the partnership on supporting Indigenous artists directly. The team at Belong have reflected on the experience, and have shared their MWF18 reading list that celebrates some of the best reads by Aboriginal women who appeared at MWF18.
Alexis Wright at MWF18

At Belong, one of our key cultural tenets is to reimagine place and create space for First Nations People, first. To this end we have forged a cultural partnership with Melbourne Writers Festival to celebrate the vitally important voice of First Nations Peoples through their diverse narratives on a high profile platform such as Melbourne Writers Festival. With this partnership, we are taking our first step toward doing things the right and proper way with an Indigenous led collaboration.

The 2018 NAIDOC week theme was Because of Her, We Can. At Belong we have built on this message throughout the year to focus our actions and reflections. Because of the amazing writing by Indigenous women featured at MWF18, we got a glimpse of what is needed to listen deeply, what is gained when we suspend our disbelief, what it takes to imagine beyond the boundaries of our own experience, and what it means to Belong.

Check out our reading list from the Festival.


Alexis Wright
The Swan Book

Ali Cobby Eckermann
Inside my Mother
Too Afraid to Cry
Ruby Moonlight

Anita Heiss
Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia (Ed.)

Claire G Coleman
Terra Nullius

Ellen van Neerven
Heat and Light
Comfort Food

Jane Harrison
Becoming Kirrali Lewis

Judy Atkinson
Trauma Trails, Recreating Song Lines

Melissa Lukashenko
Too Much Lip

This post was curated by MWF18 Cultural Partner Belong

Header image: Ali Cobby-Eckermann at MWF18 Closing Night: You Are There, supported by Belong