There is something so fascinating about astronauts – they are an elite group who have literally gone out of this world, and seen our earth from another perspective.

Like millions of viewers around the world last year, I was absolutely delighted when Chris Hadfield released his viral Youtube sensation Space Oddity, filmed on board the International Space Station, and found myself clicking through to discover a whole suite of fascinating videos, like How to brush your teeth in space, and How to sleep in space. Through Chris’ videos I was able to imagine what life is like off the planet… which was very appealing to a daydreamer like myself!

So it was with great excitement that I read Chris’ book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, which painted an even deeper picture of life in space and into the working lives of astronauts, which are extraordinary for the amount of training, education and simulations that they do – with no guarantee of ever being chosen to go on a mission.

But it was Chris’ personal story that really shone from the pages for me. The lessons he learnt from achieving his dream of being an astronaut are amazing, and I’m sure that anyone would be moved reading his recollections about following his dreams, accepting disappointments and setbacks, and learning to enjoy the journey.

In short, he is not only a brilliant communicator of all things space, but passionate advocate for having the courage to dream audaciously and the conviction to follow those dreams at any cost. I’m excited that #MWF14  will launch on such an uplifting note!


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