Tweet your #MicroPoem and Win

Do you fancy yourself a poet? Perhaps…a micro poet? This year, MWF is giving you the chance to flaunt your poetic prowess with our #MicroPoem competition.

From 24 August to 2 September, we invite you to tweet us a poem in 280 characters or less for your chance to win an exclusive set of 3 Moleskine notebooks custom designed for MWF18. Each day, we will select the most creative and unique poem to win.

Form and topic is free choice. We welcome your haiku reviews, acrostic daydreams and silly cinquains. Just remember to include the #MicroPoem and #MWF18 hashtags!

Keep an eye out for MicroPoems from MWF18 poets Quinn Eades and Broede Carmody for inspiration!  Follow Quinn and Broede on Twitter.

Some examples to get you started…


Animal Farm, a haiku:

Mr Jones is bad

Then the pigs initiate

The revolution

#MicroPoem #MWF18



books, while good,

we praise more than we should.

What’s with the hierarchy? Read what

you love. #cinquain

#MicroPoem #MWF18

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