Creative Conversations

From the books that made us better lovers, to sacred texts that ignited the activist inside us, conversations at MWF18 are designed to enlighten and empower. From 24 August to 2 September, over 450 authors, artists, activists and advocates will explore MWF18 through the lens of this year’s theme, A Matter of Life and Death, and the rich motifs that fall under such an emotional umbrella – survival, determination, impermanence, love, loss and letting go.

How I Survived: Adversity, grief, fracture, crisis: moving past the moments that bring us to our knees requires all our resources. Explore the tricky business of survival in ‘How I Survived’, a conversation series tackling issues of mental health, power politics, discrimination and creative darkness. Browse the full series.


Dream Dinner Parties: Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? Leigh Sales, Benjamin Law, Judith Lucy and Carly Findlay break conversational bread with their favourite MWF guests as they discuss issues that affect us all. Browse the full series.


Duets: Join us for duets of live music and conversations on creative craft, as some of Australia’s hottest new musicians including Mojo Juju, Miss Blanks, Kaiit, Alice Skye and Julia Jacklin take to the MWF18 stage. Browse the full series.


Creative Couples: Celebrating the survival skills of couples working in the arts, artists share the secrets to their collective success. Browse the full series.


Therapy Couch: Writing a new work is a lonely process, though it doesn’t have to be. In this intimate series, beloved authors including Judith Lucy, Krissy Kneen and Claire G Coleman will be gently guided through their work in process by a ‘literary therapist’. Browse the full series.


Sacred Texts: Do you remember a piece of writing that inspired you to become the person you are today? Join us as we discuss the books that made us better feminists, lovers and activists in our ‘Sacred Texts’ series. Browse the full series.