One of the greatest things about reading books is their ability to transport us to another time. They give us power to enter a new world if only to escape the reality of our day for a few blissful moments. Having a favourite character from a book is our connection to a place where the impossible becomes possible. How else would we be able make objects fly like Roald Dahl’s Matilda?

MWF’s Merrilee McCoy has vivid memories of attempting to use her superpower prowess just as Matilda did. “I remember a few occasions of trying to focus my mind powers as Matilda had, hoping I could also develop telekinesis,” says Merrilee. “Sadly, I didn’t stick at it, so we’ll never know whether I could’ve been as cool as Matilda.” Much of Merrilee’s obsession came from a feeling of likeness to Matilda given many similarities such as reading voraciously, a belief in being smarter than many adults, and also having a favourite teacher Miss Bloom, just like Matilda’s Miss Honey.

Another old-time favourite chosen in the MWF office was Anna Karenina. Whilst MWF’s Georgina Russell admits she’s “not the cheeriest of characters”, she still believes her to be “a woman of soul…a true romantic who turns her back on polite society and follows her heart to a personal-hell. She risks everything for love and in my eyes is brave, bold and beautifully flawed.”

For some, picking a favourite character from a book can be too difficult a task! MWF’s Yasmeen Richards, has fond memories of many childhood characters such as Tintin, Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comicsHarry Potter & friends, and is also a fan of Matilda. “Despite each existing in different times and places, they all exhibit a certain fearlessness, self-assuredness and sense of humour that are so important to instil in young people”, says Yasmeen.

In a life when change is inevitable, returning to a novel is like being comforted by an old friend. The love for the characters of books is not easily forgotten despite the years that may pass. So why not reconnect with a long-time pal? As the famous novelist Louisa May Alcott said “Some stories are so familiar it’s like going home”.

So, who feels like a trip down memory lane?


Image via Dymocks.com.au