Festival Guide for Creative Young Minds

A creative playground for all ages, Melbourne Writers Festival features a plethora of family-fun events. From casting a spell to writing your own songs, plant a love of literature early on with our Festival Guide for Creative Young Minds. 


Witches Workshop: Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble! Write your own spells with poet-witch Emilie Zoey Baker, an award-winning writer and slam poetry champion. Create ancient scrolls and conjure the rhymes to make some magic. 25 Aug, 2pm


Writing & Movement: Use parkour-inspired movement and exercises to uncover your own original stories! In this workshop with Dan Nixon, you will learn a new way of telling stories through exploration of movement and finding your own way through obstacles or ‘writers’ blocks’. 26 Aug, 11am


The Patchwork Bike: Learn about recycling, upcycling and bike cycling with bestselling author Maxine Beneba Clarke’s first children’s book, and learn how to draw with illustrator Van T Rudd. 26 Aug, 2pm


Quantum Physics for Babies: Meet Quantum Physics for Babies author Chris Ferrie and introduce your little one to the world of science. Baby will find out that energy is quantized and the weird world of atoms never comes to a standstill. It is never too early to become a quantum physicist! 31 Aug, 11am


Slow Down World: What would a slower world look like? Use collage and clay to create your vision for a future slower city with Tai Snaith, artist and creator of Slow Down, World. A reminder to slow down and appreciate the world around us. 31 Aug, 2pm


Make Your Own Superhero: If you were a superhero, what would your special ability be? What would your costume look like? Maxine Beneba Clarke and TextaQueen help you design, make and become your very own superhero. The power is yours! 1 Sep, 12.30pm


Family Sundays: Down the Rabbit Hole: Explore Wonderland magic with a free day of family activities for kids aged 5-12. Spend your Sunday together exploring special effects, coding your own interactive Wonderland game and designing traditional Victorian costumes. 2 Sep, 10am


Games Workshop: Co-author of Game Changers, Leena van Deventer is an award-winning game developer and writer. In this interactive workshop she will help you to collectively write a story to turn into a brand new game. 2 Sep, 11am


Wide Big World: Difference is everywhere, just look and see. This whole-wide-big-world is wondrous-unique! Discover a beautiful children’s picture book about diversity from award-winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke and illustrator Isobel Knowles. 2 Sep, 2pm