Festival Guide for Lovers of Laughs

Expanding the program to encompass the myriad ways that words inspire and uplift us, MWF18 features a range of sessions that provide some much-needed comedic relief in between more serious topics of discussion. Browse our Festival Guide for Lovers of Laughs and pencil in a chuckle (or several).

Staged: The Aspie Hour: The Aspie Hour is an informative and delightfully irreverent cabaret from Ryan Smedley and Sophie Smyth. The duo explores their experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome, navigating the neurotypical world through musical theatre, redefining what it is to be an ‘Aspie’ today. 26 Aug, 4pm


Kathy Lette: Girls’ Night In: Anthropologists have revealed that women, in all cultures, laugh more often than men – but why? Contradicting the bunkum that ‘women aren’t funny’, Kathy Lette is joined by Anne Edmonds, Celia Pacquola and Magda Szubanski to explore the difference between male and female humour, and how women’s humour brings us closer together. 29 Aug, 8.30pm


Everything Happens for a Raisin: Mara Wilson & Jonny Sun: Canadian graphic novelist and Twitter icon Jonny Sun (Everyone’s A Aliebn When Ur A Aliebn Too) joins American writer, former child actress and social media raconteur Mara Wilson (Where Am I Now?) to examine how microblogging can be a tool for empathy. With Kirsty Webeck. 30 Aug, 6pm

Liner Notes Live: Nevermind: The iconic, raucous, spoken word cabaret is back at MWF – this time adapting seminal album Nevermind by Nirvana. Featuring a line-up including writers, comedians, spoken-word artists, live performers and a band, this eclectic group gather to breathe oxygen into Cobain’s masterwork. 30 Aug, 7pm


Kitty Flanagan’s School for Relationship Break-ups: Comedian, author and spurious advice giver Kitty Flanagan is here to help. Covering everything from how to end a relationship to why you should always waitress fully clothed, she is joined by Jo Stanley for a conversation about life, writing and burning bridges. 1 Sep, 5.30pm


Chris Fleming: Live: Known for his role as highly-strung mum Gayle Waters-Waters and epochal music videos (‘I’m Afraid to Talk to Men’), cult comedian and swoon-worthy YouTube favourite Chris Fleming performs a brand-new special stand-up event fresh from his US live tour. 1 Sep, 8.30pm


A Toast: Judith Lucy’s Dream Dinner Party: National treasure Judith Lucy is holding a dinner party, but don’t expect polite conversations about work and the weather. She explores the topic of death with her specially selected guests Rachel Berger, Ash Flanders, Karen Hitchcock and Mariam Issa. 2 Sep, 2.30pm