#FODI at #MWF14

On Sunday 31 August at 3pm, Sydney Opera House will broadcast live from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2014 into Fed Square, giving Melbourne audiences a taste of #FODI.

Hosted by FODI favourite Jane Caro, it will feature 45 minutes of highlights from talks from the first day of the festival and interviews with speakers, as well as a live cross to the ‘Living Dangerously’ panel in the Sydney Opera House studio.

‘Living Dangerously’ takes three brave and fascinating writers (who were also at Melbourne Writers Festival) and brings them together for the first time to discuss why they put themselves in often physically extreme situations and the repercussions of this on their lives and work.

In case you missed these speakers when they were in Melbourne, here are some great articles by way of introduction:

‘Living Dangerously’, hosted by Stan Grant, is one of our most anticipated events of the festival. Add in some highlights from the festival and you’ve got the makings of a dangerous and dangerously entertaining afternoon.

Join us on Sunday 31 August from 3pm at the Fed Square BIG screen.