Industry Experience for Students Through Digital Storytellers Program

This year MWF introduced the Digital Storytellers program, giving our audience another way to experience the Festival – by engaging six exciting voices to share their Festival adventures across platforms.

As part of the partnership between MWF and Victoria University to provide opportunities for students to have hands-on industry experience during their studies, VU student and emerging writer Magan Magan took part in the Digital Storytellers program. Click through to find out more about Magan, what he’s currently reading and reviews of some of the sessions he attended at this year’s Festival.

Meet MWF Digital Storyteller: Magan

Connectedness and Consciousness: Janet Mock at MWF17

Silence and Struggle: Writing Family Histories at MWF17

New Shoots: A Garden of Poems at MWF17

Thanks for being part of MWF17, Magan!