Industry Insights: Sharpen Your Craft at MWF18

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Learn the craft from the creators of the world’s best literature. From masterclasses to seminars, our Industry Insights hands-on workshop series will educate and inspire writers, publishers and editors at all career stages.

Industry Insights: All About YA: Young adult fiction is wildly popular among both adults and teens. Learn about this successful market with international YA superstar Juno Dawson (UK), Australia’s Leanne Hall, and lecturer Penni Russon. 27 Aug, 7.45pm


Industry Insights: True Crime Podcasts: Explore the booming phenomenon of podcasts. What makes aural storytelling – particularly deep-dive crime investigations – so compelling to audiences, and what does it tell us about ourselves? Audio journalism lecturer Louisa Lim leads the discussion with investigative journalist Richard Baker and the ABC’s Rachael Brown. 30 Aug, 6.15pm


Industry Insights: Radical Poetry Masterclass: Explore the world of contemporary poetry with Singapore’s Joshua Ip and experimental poets and academics Bella Li and Eddie Paterson. Write and workshop your own unconventional verse, working from text messages, collages, or spoken word. 31 Aug, 9.30am


Industry Insights: Graphic Novels Masterclass: Explore the history and resurgence of graphic storytelling and learn to craft your own stories with Cleverman creator Ryan Griffen, and lecturers Bernard Caleo and Elizabeth MacFarlane. 31 Aug, 2pm


Industry Insights: How White is My Writing?: Does your writing accurately reflect the world around you, and how can you improve your racial literacy? Writers Sam Cooney, Elena Gomez and Hella Ibrahim, and academic Odette Kelada, explore representation in literature. 31 Aug, 5.30pm


Industry Insights: Get Published! Award-winning author Claire G Coleman and her publisher Robert J Watkins talk with Sybil Nolan from Grattan Street Press about getting your manuscript seen, how to choose the right publisher, and if you really need a literary agent. 31 Aug, 7.30pm