MWF at Dandenong: Words & Storytelling

As well as activating the city of Melbourne, MWF celebates the cultural richness of the Dandenong community, with a series of free activities and events to inspire readers and writers all backgrounds. Browse through the full range of activities taking place from 25 to 31 August, supported by the City of Greater Dandenong.

Storytelling Live: Futures: Join us for a night of performances from spoken word artists and poets, curated by MWF and City of Greater Dandenong. Hear from international and local performers in the heart of Dandenong on the theme of Futures. 25 Aug, 6.30pm


Local libraries: Ted Chiang: Iconic science-fiction writer Ted Chiang crafts stories that are filled with a deep sense of wonder about the nature of existence, including the short story that inspired the film Arrival. Hear him discuss the differing roles that magic and imaginary science play in speculative fiction. With Khalid Warsame. 29 Aug, 6.30pm


Local libraries: Amie Kaufman: Hear New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman talk about her writing, including YA sci-fi behemoths The Illuminae Files and The Starbound Trilogy, her obsession with deep space and her work as a storytelling consultant at NASA. With Paul Callaghan. 26 Aug, 3pm


Local libraries: Dr Karl: Why do stars shine? Why do we burp? How many universes are there in the multiverse? All the wonderful, curious, curly questions about the world and beyond, answered by Dr Karl, Australia’s most beloved science journalist. With Paul Callaghan. 31 Aug, 11am