Excited by the JLF Melbourne program but not sure where to start? Jasmeet Sahi, our program producer for JLF Melbourne, gives us her top 5 picks for what not to miss.

1. Pranam / Honouring Country ceremony at Gala: India Now

I’m excited about this unique collaboration between Indigenous and Indian artists, in a special honouring of the land ceremony from a shared perspective. I’m looking forward to experiencing the fusion of the two different cultures, and seeing how they come together to inspire everyone in attendance.

2. Weaving Women’s Narratives

In Australia, conversations about women are centred on a particular type. In order to be a healthier and stronger community, we need to look at how our counterparts are living and experiencing being a woman in other countries. Writing about our stories allows us to share those narratives with the world.

3. Writing Our Melbourne storytelling app

I’ve often wandered through the streets of Melbourne and wondered about what stories may lie behind our city – what hidden history does this lane or landmark have? I’m excited that through this app, emerging women writers from the Indian diaspora are able to create story paths for us to explore our wonderful City of Literature.

4. Sofia Ashraf and Sampurna Chattarji at Gala: India Now

I can’t wait to see these brilliant performances – one electrifying spoken word and one evocative poetry reading. Two different genres, but linked through the power of rhythm and lyric – our most primal way of connecting with text. I’m excited for others to experience and share the joy of this Indian performance here in Melbourne.

5. From the Margins to the Mainland

As a person who migrated to Australia five years ago, as a woman, and as a person who is not the ‘default’, I’m interested to see what insights and perspectives these writers bring to our stories – some of which I am sure I have not been able to articulate quite as well as they will. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to listen and learn from these writers about literary otherness and challenges to inclusivity.

Join the celebration at JLF Melbourne, 11–12 February 2017 at Fed Square. View the JLF Melbourne program.

Jasmeet Sahi is the JLF Melbourne producer at MWF. She also writes freelance and is a sessional academic at RMIT, where she teaches nonfiction writing. She is interested in the arts, feminism, food and social justice.