New on the MWF podcast

This month on the MWF Podcast, we hear from some of the amazing authors, activists and musicians who made MWF19 extraordinary.

DeRay Mckesson: On the Other Side of Freedom

Civil rights activist and author DeRay Mckesson is one of the leading voices in the Black Lives Matter movement. He speaks to Benjamin Law about his new book, millennial activism and the power of politics translated through social media, and why it’s so important to keep hope alive. Recorded live at Melbourne Writers Festival 2019.

Ben Folds: About Lightning Bugs

One of the major music influencers of our generation, American singer-songwriter Ben Folds has toured the world with his patented brand of heart-pop. He discusses his extraordinary career and memoir with Charlie Pickering, and plays live the songs that shaped him. Recorded live at Melbourne Writers Festival 2019.

Jane Caro: Accidental Feminists

Writer and prominent feminist Jane Caro’s new book explores the trailblazing feminists of her generation – those whose lived experience and determination paved the way for future women. She celebrates wild political victories of the past and the women who made them happen with Denise Scott. Recorded live at Melbourne Writers Festival 2019.

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