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Podcast: Helen Garner & Chloe Hooper

As a master of nonfiction, Helen Garner wields forensic scrutiny and trademark compassion to zero in on the humanity of her subjects, including herself. Described by the New Yorker as ‘a recording angel at life’s secular apocalypses’, Garner has drawn international acclaim for a body of work spanning books, long-form journalism and her recently published diaries. Hailed as ‘the antipodean Joan Didion, the Truman Capote of our times’ (New York Times), the nonfiction writing of Chloe Hooper is equally unsparing yet sympathetic in its approach. She brings a sharp, novelistic eye to stories such as The Tall Man and The Arsonist, ingenious storytelling that ‘gathers force like a river after rain’ (The Age). The two authors come together for a special conversation about their crafts, careers and award-winning literary non-fiction writing, with Beejay Silcox.

This event was proudly supported by ARA Group.  

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