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Podcast: Law: The Way of the Ancestors

There is nothing more important than communicating to the Australian public the truth about our world.

– Marcia Langton

Sophisticated systems of law, cultivated over millennia, have enabled First Nations peoples to survive and thrive for more than 2,000 generations – laws that “haven’t just survived colonisation but they’ve survived the last sea level rise of 10,000 years ago” (Aaron Corn).

Hear from the authors of Law: The Way of the Ancestors, Professor Marcia Langton and Professor Aaron Corn, as they shine a light on the enduring expertise of First Nations peoples. Speaking with Dr Eddie Cubillo, they discuss how Indigenous law has been historically unrecognised; how Australians can understand and respect Indigenous law; and how it can inform our understanding of treaty, native title, sovereignty and more.

Recorded live at Melbourne Writers Festival 2023 

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