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Podcast: Queering the Canon

Which stories made you ‘different’? What makes writing queer? And what books brought about a break up with the gender binary?

Join a stellar group of queer writers as they share heartfelt (and hilarious) insights into the stories that shaped how they think and write about sexuality and gender, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings to Adrienne Rich’s The Dream of a Common Language to Ellen van Neerven’s Throat.

Dipping into the queer canon are Noongar writer Claire G. Coleman (Enclave, Terra Nullius); author of Dreyer’s English (and Twitter’s most loved grammar expert) Benjamin Dreyer; photographer and writer Bill Hayes (Insomniac City); writer of poetry, fiction and memoir Kris Kneen (Fat Girl Dancing, The Three Burials of Lotty Kneen); proud Gunai woman and multidisciplinary artist Kirli Saunders (Kindred); and host Maeve Marsden (Queerstories).

Recorded live at Melbourne Writers Festival 2023 


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