I am a lover of blogs, I admit. I love the fact that all over the world authors, artists, photographers, poets, anyone really with a creative-bent and access to a computer, is able to offer their thoughts on things happening around them, in both the broadest context and the most personal. I enjoy the immediacy, I enjoy the variety – there really is no limit to what can be blogged. It makes for fascinating reading.

So it’s especially exciting to me that Victoria University has joined us as a Festival Partner to present the Reviewer for a Day project which will give participating writers the opportunity to get along to see something at the Festival and then contribute their thoughts to the online conversation about it afterwards.

We are looking for all sorts of writers to participate – journalists, literary types, hacks, bloggers, vloggers, poets and more. The opportunity is open to everyone, so no matter what your experience, if you’re passionate about writing, we encourage you to apply.

Participating authors will receive a complimentary ticket to their chosen Festival session. They will then be given a deadline to submit their review of the event which will be published on the Reviewer for a Day blog.

So, if you’re keen to participate, please apply via the VU site here. Registrations are open until Wednesday 20 August.

I look forward to meeting all the participating writers at a pre-Festival briefing, and of course to reading / seeing / hearing and sharing your reviews!