Whether you like to read on the go, at home, in bed or poolside with a margarita in hand, reading can take you just about anywhere. Does fantasy writing help you escape the chaos of Richmond train station during peak hour? Or is a good crime novel perfected when read huddled away from Melbourne’s winter chill?  All in all, a good book always has the power to transport you. Here are some of our favourite reading spots:

Short stories are my ideal long-haul flight companion. I like being transported to different places in short bursts in between meals, movies, and getting up to stroll the aisle. One of my most memorable flights was with Kurt Vonnegut’s A Man Without a Country. Travel memoirs are great for the beach, and I thumb through news and lifestyle magazines (Time, The Economist, Lucky Peach) at my library. I prefer listening to stories vs reading them during my commute – This American Life is at the top of my list. I’ll consume food memoirs anytime, anyplace, and almost always with a snack. I particularly like the ones with recipes.
Yasmeen, Artist Liaison & Program Coordinator

Every Saturday morning, while the rest of the world catches up on the news, I unashamedly browse endless pages of fashion editorial on blogs and websites as I eat my breakfast in bed. Fashion itself tells so many stories it’s like a wonderful, crazy, beautiful book that goes on and on.
Georgina, Marketing & Development Manager

I read in three places only, all beginning with B: Bed, Balcony and Beach, and I read all sorts of books in all three places. Except for perhaps Jackie Collins – her I only read on the beach.
Ash, Development Coordinator

I love reading books set in the countries and cities where I am travelling. I read The Beach by Alex Garland while travelling in Thailand and was so envious of Richard’s achievement of reaching ‘the beach’. I think we are always looking for our beach in one way or another when we travel. I read A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry and remember seeing his characters come to life all around me as I explored the streets of India.
Yaniv, Marketing Assistant

I’m might not call myself the “best” reader in the office, but I do listen to a lot of podcasts for my story fix. For some thematic storytelling I love to listen to The Moth, Snap Judgement and my first story-podcast love, This American Life. I also particularly love the way RadioLab and 99% Invisible are able to be both informative and engaging, as they so perfectly blend science and facts within their storytelling.
Merrilee, Festival Administrator

Where do you like to read?

Image via Dymocks