Theatre and Performance

From a church service to the childhood self to a passionate defence of all things reptilian, MWF is following the evolution of the written word to a world of performance this 24 August to 2 September. For lovers of oration, dive into a world of spoken word, poetry and performance at MWF.

Staged: Quippings: See outside the confines of the expected with Quippings, a troupe of performing artists and non-normative body activists who identify as deaf and/or disabled, as they explore queered notions of sexuality, love, relationships, and gender. 25 Aug, 2.30pm


The Crow Family: Inspired by vaudeville and performed by Maude Davey, David Pidd and their children, Alice and Leo, The Crow Family is a gentle, intimate, and beautiful music performance event about remarkable creatures and what makes us human. 31 Aug, 10am


Recasting the Snake: The snake has always been seen as nature’s uber-villain, but they’re not all basilisks. Poet Manisha Anjali, author David Blissett, writer Melissa Lucashenko, writer Carrie Tiffany and poet Ellen van Neerven launch a passionate defence of all things reptilian. 31 Aug, 11.30am


Eulogy for Species Lost: The brutal and sobering truth is that some animal species are lost to us forever. Join author Sophie Cunningham, ecologist Aviva Reed, poet Ellen van Neerven and conservationist Amelia Young to somberly celebrate and eulogise these animals of extinction. 1 Sep, 11.30am


Staged: Through the Night: Writer and translator Ed Moreno brings his experience as a long-term HIV survivor to this performance of the work of Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu, one of the most important voices of the AIDS epidemic, in a performance that celebrates humanity and survival. 1 Sep, 1pm


Staged: The Lebs: Experience performed readings from award-winning writer Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s confronting, claustrophobic, violent and unrelentingly authentic new novel The Lebs, which explores the experience of Lebanese-Australian students at Punchbowl Boys High School in Western Sydney. 1 Sep, 2.30pm


Staged: Born, Still: Born, Still is a gentle reflection on the death of a daughter before birth. This performance is based on a short story by Jane Harrison which was published in Writing Black: New Indigenous Writing from Australia. 2 Sep, 1pm


Fallen Angels: Echolocating Bats: The philosopher Thomas Nagel once asked, ‘What is it like to be a bat?’ Writer Tessa Laird (author of Bat, the latest release in Reaktion’s celebrated Animal series), accompanied by sound artist James Grant, attempts to bridge the gap between human and animal subjectivities on this sonic and poetic journey. 2 Sep, 1pm


Dearly Departed: The Boyhood of Justin Heazlewood: The comedian, musician and author Justin Heazlewood (Get Up Mum, a personal account of his family’s struggle with mental illness) invites you to bear witness to a childhood lost at a mock church service. 2 Sep, 2pm


Staged: Death of a Playwright: Could an artificial neural network ever write Hamlet? Or Home and Away? With advancing technology, could AI replace artists altogether? Join theatre scholar Rachel Fensham and digital artist Chris Rodley for a performance of scripts authored by AI. 2 Sep, 2.30pm