I’m a Hero Too

Join us for storytime with Jamila Rizvi and Story Box Library.

Melbourne Writers Festival has partnered with Story Box Library to present the much-loved Jamila Rizvi reading her new picture book, I’m A Hero Too. This insightful, practical story empowers little ones coping with big changes to their world during COVID-19.

The full video will be available for free in February 2021.

View the Trailer

Arty likes going to kinder, visiting Granny and playing with friends at the playground, but since the virus came everything has changed and Arty can’t do any of those things anymore. Arty’s mum is a hero. She’s a scientist, helping to make medicines to fight the virus. Arty has a special plan to be a hero and help fight the virus too!

In 2021, MWF and Story Box Library will present a range of children’s books read by very special storytellers at Melbourne Writers Festival, 3–12 September. To find out more, sign up to our eNews.

Story Box Library is committed to the practice of storytelling in order to improve children’s lives. Sharing the precious experience of being read aloud to, Story Box Library connects children with literature through the complementary medium of film, providing a vibrant, interactive experience through a diverse range of everyday storytellers.