Whether you can give a little or a lot, every donation to MWF makes a difference. Get involved today.

You can make either a Festival donation, or a Schools’ Program donation.

MWF is an incorporated association with Deductible Gift Recipient and charitable status. All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.


Festival Donation

At Melbourne Writers Festival, we are passionate about the place books and writing play in a life well lived. Through the incredible work of writers, we have laughed and cried, learnt and been entertained, and experienced the transformative power of stories.

MWF is Victoria’s premier literary event, and one of Melbourne’s major arts festivals. MWF’s Schools’ Program is Australia’s biggest literary event for schoolkids. We celebrate the literary arts in all their forms, in hundreds of events for thousands of readers of all stripes.

And we believe that festivals are special: they are a time to come together, to have fun and be challenged, and to be part of a community of people who believe in the power and magic of reading.

For over 30 years, our generous donors and supporters have been part of our story.

If books have been important in your life, please be part of our future.

MWF is a charity and a not-for-profit organisation. We are a big event, run by a small team that wants to showcase the world’s best writers and thinkers in Melbourne, to support and promote Australian literature, and to inspire a lifelong passion for reading and ideas.

Donate now

$200  Support a hardworking author’s appearance at the Festival.
$1,000  Welcome everyone to celebrate books by helping to ensure a quarter of the Festival is free to attend.
$5,000  Champion diverse global stories by supporting international writers to attend MWF.
$10,000  Be an Ambassador and promote a love of reading to Melbourne’s literary community.
$25,000  Help ensure a diverse, accessible and inclusive Festival as a Patron.

Schools’ Program Donation

The MWF Schools’ Program shares the joy of reading with more than 13,000 attendances each year. This program – which is Australia’s biggest literary event for schoolchildren – nurtures the next generation of readers, writers and thinkers.

The program gives students a significant extra-curricular cultural experience. They enjoy direct access to Australia’s best writers at dozens of specially tailored sessions, and experience a major cultural event.

Through discussions, writing workshops, poetry, drawing, walking tours and more, students are engaged and inspired to discuss books, writing and creativity.

For over 30 years, our generous donors and supporters have been part of this story.

We are delighted to offer this new opportunity to pledge your support for the MWF Schools’ Program.

Fostering a love of literature and learning

Teachers tell us that attendance at the Schools’ Program enhances students’ engagement with the written word in the classroom. By improving children’s confidence in their reading and writing choices, it impacts literacy outcomes and lifelong learning potential.

Donate now

$75  Writers work hard, and many of them have a day-job too. You could support an artist’s out-of-pocket costs while they inspire school kids with a world of reading and ideas.
$200  You can help put an Australian artist in front of eager Victorian schoolchildren. We make sure that all artists receive an appearance fee.
$800  You can help bring an Australian artist from interstate to Melbourne, so children can experience the full breadth and depth of Australian stories.
$1,000  Help create spaces for kids to learn to tell their own stories in hands-on workshops. This could be the moment a storyteller of the future finds their voice.
$4,000  Help provide access to all Victorian schoolchildren by supporting free events on every single day of the program.
$10,000+  Schools’ Program Ambassador
$20,000+  Schools’ Program Patron