Volunteer FAQs

Frequently asked questions from volunteers.

I’ve submitted my volunteer application – what happens next?

You’ll receive confirmation that your application has successfully been submitted. If you don't, please complete any fields highlighted in red.

With over 350 individual applications typically submitted each year, we ask that you please do not contact MWF regarding the status of your application – the Venues and Front of House Coordinator will get in touch to inform you whether or not you have been successful.

When will I find out if I have been successful?

You will hear back within two weeks of the application closing date.

What if my availability changes before the Festival starts?

If you need to make any changes (due to work, study, travel commitments, etc.) you should let the Venues and Front of House Coordinator know as soon as possible. Please be mindful of competing priorities when indicating your availability.

What type of jobs will I be doing as a volunteer?

In addition to Box Office staff, every year we rely on the assistance of more than 200 volunteers to work at the Festival venues as ushers, ticket scanners, queue managers, customer service and similar venue support roles. There are also positions available helping out with market research, special events and assisting Festival guests.

What are the basic requirements to be a MWF volunteer?

As a volunteer at MWF 2018, you are required to volunteer your time and skills for approximately 20 hours across the ten-day Festival. You will be rostered according to your availability.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers must be aged 18 years or older. However, Artist Transport Driver volunteers must be 25 years old or over.

Am I qualified to be a MWF volunteer?

Volunteering at MWF requires:
- Customer service skills
- A friendly and professional manner
- Punctuality
- Fluency in English
- A willingness to follow directions and work in a team
- A commitment to making the Festival a fantastic experience for the public, Festival guests and staff
- Bonus points if you love literature!

How long is each volunteer shift?

The average shift is approximately four to five hours long.

What should I wear when I’m volunteering?

You will receive a Festival t-shirt to wear on shift – this is your uniform and therefore it is mandatory to wear it at all times during your volunteer shifts. We do ask that you wear this only while you’re on duty, not when you’re attending the Festival as a patron. Other than your Festival t-shirt, you should be neat and tidy with comfortable enclosed shoes. You may be outside for a while too, so please bring something warm to wear underneath your Festival t-shirt.

What happens at the volunteer briefing? Do I really have to attend?

All volunteers are required to attend the compulsory briefing, regardless of whether or not you have previously volunteered with the Festival. Important information is made available during this session.

What are the benefits of being a MWF volunteer?

- Volunteers will have free access to standard MWF events that are not sold out, and also receive a Festival t-shirt.
- You’ll have the chance to meet lots of people and make new friends.
- You'll develop transferable skills and gain new experiences.
- If you’re interested in working in the industry, it’s a fantastic way to be a part of a highly regarded Festival. It’s also a great way to get a foot in the door; many people who currently work with MWF started as volunteers.