Melbourne Reads: Expert Reading Guide

Associate Professor Sara Wills on Fathoms

The Melbourne Reads Expert Reading Guide is a bite-sized critical reading guide designed to elevate your reading experience by providing essential literary and cultural context for our featured book.

This guide is the perfect starting point to dig a little deeper and understand more about the significance of this text, and it also offers advice on where to look next if you’re eager to continue pursuing the central ideas raised by the book.

The key questions can be used to facilitate thought-provoking conversation when reading along with your own book club, students, or friends.

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In partnership with the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Sara Wills is the Associate Dean Partnerships in the Faculty of Arts, Head of the Executive Master of Arts in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and an Associate Professor in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies. A former Director of the Australian Centre and Deputy Director of the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, for much of the last 10 years Sara’s time has been devoted to creating greater opportunities for students, researchers and teachers by making connections beyond the University. Believing that we are always ‘stronger together’, Sara has been keen to work in partnership with individuals and organisations who share a commitment to excellence, access, equity and diversity in education. And Sara loves teaching ‘The Power of Ideas: 10 Great Books’ to the students in her Master’s program.