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The Outset: Do Not Believe Too Quickly

Sat 8 Aug | Podcast

Portrait of Kate Grenville.

Stories are our survival and our delight. They carve a path through the confusion of unprecedented times. But behind each story that’s told stands another, silenced one. How can we attend to those unheard truths and reach a more nuanced understanding of our past and the present?

In the Festival’s opening address, acclaimed author Kate Grenville (A Room Made of Leaves) considers truth, fiction and the stories that urgently need our attention.



Sat 15 Aug | Podcast

Portrait of Lou Wall.

Dramageddon is a genre-bending choose- your-own-adventure podcast created by playwright Jean Tong and comedian Lou Wall. Each episode pits two queer people against the climate apocalypse in 2050. This MWF-themed special tests Candy Bowers and Nevo Zisin on their survival skills, forcing them to address ethical questions such as: write or run? Publish or punish? Paperback or zombie snack?

It’s the end of the world; bring on the Dramageddon!

Produced by Xen Nhà with Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, published by Broadwave


Closing Remarks: Jenny Odell

Sun 16 Aug | Podcast

Portrait of Jenny Odell.

Jenny Odell’s How to do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy proposes radical strategies for thinking beyond capitalist narratives of efficiency, attention and value, and preserving our inner lives through reflection, research, grounding and intentional networks.

In the Festival’s closing address, Odell applies this framework to our current moment of historical urgency, illuminating how ‘resisting in place’ – existing within, but not accepting the condition of the present – can offer a throughline to liberation.