Podcast series 2021

Join Australia’s finest minds as they provide comfort, seek answers to impossible questions, and imagine a new way forward. Featuring Stan Grant, Abbas Nazari, Sarah Krasnostein, Lech Blaine, Melissa Manning and more.

The 2021 podcast series is supported by Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund

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Where Do I Begin?

Podcast | 29 min

To find out how the story ends, we need to understand how it began. How have our brutal beginnings endured to this day, and how do we reckon with our history of dispossession? When did we start to see ourselves as a bunch of battlers, larrikins and top blokes in the land of the fair go? And what fibs, both big and small, help our leaders stay in power? Stan Grant, Santilla Chingaipe and Claire G Coleman share readings on Australia’s foundational myths.

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Tampa: 20 Years On

Podcast | 42 min

This year marks 20 years since the Tampa boat was famously turned away from our shores, sparking debate between Australia, Norway and Indonesia over their responsibility to those on board and marking a watershed moment in the creation of a border protection policy that has informed successive governments’ approach to refugees who arrive by boat. Tampa survivor turned Fulbright scholar Abbas Nazari (After the Tampa) discusses the legacy of the incident, the life he has since built in New Zealand, and the power of hope, with journalist Michael Green.

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Above and Beyond Belief

Podcast | 32 min

Just how far should a creative non-fiction author immerse themselves in a subject when writing a book? Acclaimed authors Sarah Krasnostein and Jenny Valentish discuss meticulously researched new releases that delve deep into the lives of extraordinary people, with Elizabeth McCarthy. Exploring the power of conviction in The Believer, Krasnostein spent time with six people in Australia and the US who hold fast to ideas—from UFOs to assisted dying—even when they sit outside the mainstream. Valentish immersed herself in the lives of body builders, dedicated fighters and BDSM practitioners to find out what drives those who push the limits of endurance in Everything Harder Than Everyone Else.

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The End of the Larrikin Legend?

Podcast | 38 min

From Bob Hawke to ocker billionaires, the figure of the larrikin looms large in Aussie culture. But is it strictly the domain of top (white) blokes, how does it play out in our politics, and will Scott Morrison’s laidback daggy-dad persona succeed or sour with voters before next year’s election as we reel from bushfires, floods and the pandemic? Lech Blaine (Top Blokes: The Larrikin Myth, Class and Power) joins The Age state political editor and author of The Accidental Prime Minister Annika Smethurst and presenter Jan Fran to get to the heart of our national character.

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The Lies of the Land: Australia, Assange and WikiLeaks

Podcast | 53 min

Joe Biden’s recent calls to have Julian Assange stand trial in the US have renewed debate at home about free speech, whistle-blower protection and Australia’s loyalty to American interests. Hear from three champions for truth—human rights lawyer Julian Burnside, activist and former Greens senator Scott Ludlam, and Assange’s own lawyer Jen Robinson—about the long shadow of WikiLeaks, the lingering fate of Assange and the consequences of covert power.

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Let Me Be Brief: Melissa Manning and Adam Thompson

Podcast | 45 min

Two of Australia’s most exciting debut authors, Melissa Manning and Adam Thompson, discuss their captivating short story collections set against the Tasmanian landscape, with Veronica Sullivan. Traversing a rugged coastline, Manning’s Smokehouse features a series of interlinked stories that bring into focus how the people we meet and places we live shape who we become. Thompson’s Born Into This showcases stories with Tasmanian Aboriginal characters at their heart, blending pathos and humour while touching on identity, racism and heritage.

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