Festival Program

City Program

A Crisis of Meaning

Fri 10 Sep, 10am
State Library Victoria, Create Quarter

Fiction writers Miles Allinson and Jamie Marina Lau chat to Khalid Warsame about striking new novels that portray characters grappling with the consequences of an increasingly meaningless world and the struggle to transcend the vacuity of modern life. Allinson’s In Moonland is a multi-generational story of the struggle for transcendence, ranging from 1970s idealism to a climate-ravaged future, hailed by Helen Garner as a work of ‘curious, daring beauty’. Lau’s Gunk Baby, praised as ‘confident, assured and excitingly unique’ (Elizabeth Flux), is the follow up to her Stella Prize–shortlisted Pink Mountain on Locust Island, and explores ideas of hyper-consumerism and social surveillance.


1 hour


Event artists

Miles Allinson is a writer and an artist, and the author of the novel Fever of Animals. His second novel is called In Moonland.

Jamie Marina Lau is a multidisciplinary artist and the author of Pink Mountain on Locust Island and Gunk Baby.

Khalid Warsame is an arts worker and writer of essays, criticism and fiction. His work has appeared in a number of journals, online, and in anthologies.

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