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ABC Homespun

Fri 9 Sep, 8pm

Everyone has a story to tell, and now it’s time to hear yours for Homespun. During this live ABC Radio Melbourne storytelling event, listeners step into the limelight to share true stories that each feature the line ‘I have been meaning to tell you’. Joining the hand-picked speakers on stage are hosts Virginia Trioli and David Astle alongside special MWF guest Sofie Laguna, for what promises to be a night of laughter, love and homespun yarns.

In partnership with ABC Radio Melbourne


1 hour



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City Program

Mistakes Were Made

Fri 9 Sep, 6.30pm

Hear about the humbling, hilarious and shocking mistakes Norman Swan, Sally Seltmann, Sami Shah, Sinéad Stubbins and Eda Gunaydin have made in their personal and professional lives, in conversation with Bridget Hustwaite.

City Program

Opening Night: Ambition

Thu 8 Sep, 6.30pm

Celebrated writers Jennifer Down, Mohsin Hamid and Aileen Moreton-Robinson deliver what promises to be unforgettable Opening Night Addresses on this year's Festival theme: ambition.

MWF Teens

Tales of Thwarted Ambitions

Sat 10 Sep, 6.30pm

Some of the best YA authors in the country share a brand-new story about thwarted ambitions. Featuring Sarah Ayoub, Alice Boyle, Alison Evans, Tobias Madden and Astrid Scholte.

First Nations Curators

The MWF Big Debate: Nihilism Makes Life Worth Living

Sat 10 Sep, 6.30pm

Curated by First Nations Curator Chelsea Watego, two teams comprising our sharpest minds and wittiest word-wielders go head-to-head to argue the case for and against hope, under the keen eye of Ronnie Gorrie.