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Australia’s Reckoning with Sexism and Misogyny

Sat 10 Sep, 4.30pm

The new books of Guardian political reporter Amy Remeikis (On Reckoning) and criminal lawyer Katrina Marson (Legitimate Sexpectations) shine a light on the complicity of our political and justice systems in entrenching misogyny and sexual violence. Remeikis and Marson come together to share their unique perspectives – Remeikis as a journalist in the Canberra press gallery and Marson as a sexual offences prosecutor – on consent, safeguarding sexual wellbeing, shifting power structures and their hopes for change, with Sophie Black.


1 hour


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New Yorker writer Joshua Yaffa discusses his groundbreaking portrait of modern Russia, Between Two Fires, and how its war on Ukraine has scrambled the rules of compromise in the country, with Anthony Galloway.

City Program

A Grief Observed

Sat 10 Sep, 1.30pm

Sian Prior (Childless) and Natasha Sholl (Found, Wanting) discuss their deeply moving memoirs of coming to grips with loss, with Maeve Marsden.

City Program

Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas

Fri 9 Sep, 12pm

Renowned broadcasters Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas join Jess McGuire to discuss passing the baton as hosts of the agenda-setting RN Breakfast program and the special bond between broadcasters and listeners.

City Program

Love, Factually

Fri 9 Sep, 10am

Trent Dalton (Love Stories) and Clementine Ford (How We Love) chat about their new books that bring fresh perspective to the workings of the human heart, in conversation with Elizabeth McCarthy.