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Book Club

Book Club: Nazeem Hussain

Sat 31 Aug, 8pm
SLV, North Rotunda

Comedian Nazeem Hussain is known for his irreverent comedy via his popular TV series, such as Legally Brown. He has found inspiration and solace in the novel The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and wants to share his thoughts.

It is recommended you read the featured book before attending this event. You can purchase a copy from Readings, our official bookseller, here.


1 hour 30 minutes



Session Artists

Nazeem Hussain is an Australian comedian, actor, television and radio presenter of Sri-Lankan descent. He is best known as creator and star of television comedy shows Legally Brown and Orange Is The New Brown. His Netflix special 'Nazeem Hussain: Public Frenemy' began streaming worldwide in 2019.

Michael Williams is the director of the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas in Melbourne. He has worked at the Wheeler Centre since inception in 2009, when he was hired as the head of programming before being appointed as director in 2011.

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