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Clem Bastow: Late Bloomer

Sat 11 Sep, 11am
Dandenong Library

Award–winning cultural critic Clem Bastow‘s wise and witty memoir Late Bloomer examines being diagnosed with autism at age 36, the challenges she faced growing up, and broader cultural stigma around autism, especially for women and gender-diverse people. Join Bastow as she deconstructs the misconceptions and celebrates the realities of autistic experience, with Jenny Valentish.

In partnership with City of Greater Dandenong


1 hour

Event artists

Clem Bastow is a cultural critic whose work appears in The Saturday Paper and the Guardian. She has contributed essays to Investigating Stranger Things (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021) and ReFocus: The Films Of Elaine May (Edinburgh University Press, 2019), and is undertaking a PhD in action cinema and screenwriting at RMIT.

Jenny Valentish’s fourth book, Everything Harder Than Everyone Else, immerses itself in the worlds of people who push their bodies to extremes, and turns out to be a fitting follow-up of her book about addiction, Woman of Substances. As a journalist, she writes for the Guardian, ABC and The Monthly.

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City Program

Marcia Langton: Welcome to Country

Sun 5 Sep, 4pm
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Influential Aboriginal scholar and author Marcia Langton shares insight into the forthcoming updated edition of her landmark travel guide to First Nations Australia, Welcome to Country, on stage with Barry Judd.

City Program

The Assault of the Earth

Fri 10 Sep, 10am
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Gabrielle Chan (Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming) and Marian Wilkinson (The Carbon Club) speak with Astrid Edwards about class, environmentalism and policymaking as they relate to the fossil fuel and produce industries.

Suburban Program

Local Libraries: Gabrielle Chan

Thu 9 Sep, 7pm
CancelledFree Wishlist

Join Gabrielle Chan as she discusses her latest book Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming, which will change your thinking about food and how you eat.

Suburban Program

Local Libraries: Peter Godfrey-Smith

Sat 11 Sep, 10am
CancelledFree Wishlist

Join scuba-diving philosopher and bestselling Other Minds author Peter Godfrey-Smith as he talks about Metazoa, his new book that charts the evolutionary path of consciousness from sea creatures to humankind.