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Fri 6 Sep, 4pm
RMIT Kaleide Theatre

Some of the best partnerships in art come with complex backstories, while others just flow. Hear from John Connolly (he) on Stan Laurel, Lesley Harding (Modern Love) on the torrid marriage of John and Sunday Reed, and Colin Lane, of Lano and Woodley fame.


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John Connolly is the author of more than thirty books, including the award-winning Charlie Parker mysteries, the acclaimed fantasy novel The Book of Lost Things, and he, his fictional study of the life of comedian Stan Laurel. He also presents a weekly music show, ABC to XTC, on Irish radio.

Lesley Harding is artistic director at Heide Museum of Modern Art and has authored a number of books on Australian art and social history. Her recent publications include Modern Love: The Lives of John and Sunday Reed, Mirka & Georges: A Culinary Affair (both with Kendrah Morgan), and Margaret Preston: Recipes for Food and Art.

Colin Lane is one half of Australia’s favourite comedy duo. Lano & Woodley won comedy’s Oscar, the Perrier Award, and their TV series played in more than 30 countries. Lano & Woodley returned to the stage in an all-new show FLY, which won the 2018 MICF People’s Choice Award and continues to sell out theatres around the country.

Jason Steger is Fairfax Media’s literary editor and was a panellist for eleven years on ABC TV's The Book Club.

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