Festival Program


Cry Havoc: A Djed Press Showcase

Sun 1 Sep, 4pm
Footscray Community Arts Centre

Climate change, social inequality, the rise of alt-right facism… To many, it's looking like the end of the world as we know it (and we don't feel fine). Are we stuck in the darkest timeline, or is there hope for humanity yet? Sit back, relax, and listen as some of our 2019 featured artists delve in deeper.

Featuring Gabriela Georges, Ana Maria Gomides, Monique Grbec, Alexander Te Pohe, Thabani T Tshuma, and Anthea Yang. Hosted by Suzanne Garcia and Tracey-Kate Watts.

An MWF Community Partnership supported by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust


2 hours


Session Artists

Gabriela Georges is a singer, writer, and performer who often explores identity, loss, grief and nature. In 2018 she became a part of West Writers Group and started performing songs in her first language (Arabic). This year, Gabriela is excited to be a featured writer for Djed Press.

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To many, it’s looking like the end of the world as we know it (and we don’t feel fine). Sit back and listen to artists respond.


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