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Data Journalism: Changing the Debate

Thu 5 Sep, 6pm
SLV, Isabella Fraser Room

The Guardian’s Deaths Inside investigation exposed more than 400 indigenous deaths in custody since 2008. The Killing Times, based on University of Newcastle data, developed an interactive map of frontier massacres. Jack Banister, Lorena Allam and Lenore Taylor discuss how two data projects shifted the national conversation. With Andrew Dodd.

Contains discussion about Indigenous death.

Supported by the Faculty of Arts,The University of Melbourne


1 hour

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Lorena Allam is descended from the Gamilaraay and Yawalaraay nations of north west NSW and is the Guardian's Indigenous affairs editor.

Jack Banister is a graduate journalist from the University of Melbourne. He worked for the Guardian Australia on their Deaths Inside project, which won the 2018 Walkley and Quill awards for Innovation. He is also one of the Melbourne Press Club’s inaugural Michael Gordon Fellows.

Andrew Dodd is the Director of the Centre for Advancing Journalism at The University of Melbourne.

Lenore Taylor has been the editor-in-chief of Guardian Australia for three years and is the chair of the Walkley Judging Board. She is a formidable commentator on the Australian political landscape and has long been a regular guest on radio and television current affairs programs, including the ABC's Insiders.

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