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Festival Program

City Program

Dispatches from Hong Kong and Wuhan

Sat 10 Sep, 10.30am

Hear from award-winning Hong Kong journalist Louisa Lim and celebrated Chinese novelist Murong Xuecun as they discuss their captivating new books that illuminate moments of great political and historical significance obscured by the Chinese Communist Party and state media. Lim's Indelible City examines Hong Kong's recent protests through the lens of its colonial past to provide an up-close view of the city, its people and an untold history they are claiming just as it is being erased. Xuecun bravely travelled the locked-down city of Wuhan to interview people from all walks of life for Deadly Quiet City, a haunting account of COVID's ground zero that he had to leave China to publish. They share their stories with ABC Radio's Paul Barclay.

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1 hour


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Suburban Program

Trent Dalton: Love Stories

Fri 9 Sep, 6.30pm

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City Program

Political Ambitions: The Year That Was

Sat 10 Sep, 12pm

Three of our sharpest political commentators – David Marr, Cameron Stewart and Laura Tingle – assess our newly minted government's first few months in power and discuss the campaign that changed everything, with Fran Kelly.

City Program

Food for Thought

Sat 10 Sep, 1.30pm

Food writers and chefs discuss the overnight mainstreaming of ingredients and dishes they grew up with. Featuring Nornie Bero, Jess Ho and Dicky Senda, in conversation with Rushani Epa.