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Duets: Mojo Juju & Joel Ma

Sun 2 Sep, 1pm
ACMI Cinema 1

Genre-bending vocal power-punch Mojo Juju is set to shake up the Australian musical landscape with her ruminations on identity and place. She’s changing the world with MC and producer Joel Ma.

This session is $22/$19. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 20 July.

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1 hour

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Formidable. Enigmatic. Genre-defying. Fragile. Ballsy. Ambiguous. Raw. Mojo Juju has been called many things and yet she is forever hard to define. By her own explanation, Juju has never felt comfortable with being categorised and is increasingly deliberate in avoiding labels and defying genres. As a result, it is only in experiencing her live shows that one can begin to understand her full breadth.

Joelistics is a rapper, writer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and advocate for diversity. He founded alt rap group TZU in 2004 and released 4 albums, then went on to release two solo albums with Sydney label Elefant Traks. He is the co-creator and performer of critically acclaimed show In Between Two.

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