Festival Program


Eating Your Feelings

Sun 8 Sep, 1pm
The Toff in Town

Make peace, let go and give the past a solid kick out the door at MWF19’s Divorce Court.

Artist, photographer and cookbook author Kate Berry sits down with writer of Bad Yogi Alice Williams to talk about the connection between food and our hearts – how we can utilise nourishment for healing, as well as navigate our changing tastes. With MasterChef alumna Alice Zaslavsky.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Kate Berry is the co-founder and former editor of Lunch Lady Magazine – the much-loved independent magazine for parents. After handing over the reins at Lunch Lady, Kate continues to share her recipes, adventures, and musings on life and family, in her first book Family, Food and Feelings.

Alice Williams is the author of Bad Yogi, and Would it Kill You to Say Please? A Guide to Modern Manners. She is a popular contributor to Daily Life, The Guardian and Australian Yoga Life.

Alice Zaslavsky is a food literacy advocate, resident culinary correspondent for ABC News Breakfast, author of Alice’s Food: A - Z, and creator of Phenomenom, a free digital toolbox helping teachers slip more serves of veg into the classroom. You can find her online as Alice in Frames.

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