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Sun 11 Sep, 12pm

The intricate, often duplicitous, webs of friendship and community are central in the gripping new crime fiction novels by Sulari Gentill and Hayley Scrivenor. Gentill’s The Woman in the Library is a twisty, self-referential literary thriller that examines the complicated nature of friendship. Scrivenor’s mystery novel Dirt Town oscillates between differing points of view to build to an unbearable tension surrounding a young girl’s disappearance in a small regional town. They speak with Ellen Cregan about their propulsive new stories.


1 hour



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City Program

The Fearless Fiction of Amanda Lohrey

Sat 10 Sep, 12pm

Julieanne Lamond discusses her new release, Lohrey, with the book's subject, the influential and fearless fiction writer Amanda Lohrey, in conversation with Sarah L'Estrange.

City Program

Small Town Thrills

Fri 9 Sep, 12pm

Prize-winning crime novelists JP Pomare (The Wrong Woman) and Dinuka McKenzie (The Torrent) reveal why small towns make such irresistible settings for crime fiction writers, in conversation with Fi Wright.

City Program

Family Matters

Fri 9 Sep, 3pm

Bestselling novelist Toni Jordan (Dinner with the Schnabels) and acclaimed debut author Jackie Bailey (The Eulogy) talk about exploring family, love and loss with a deftly deployed sense of humour, with Mimi Kwa.

City Program

Good Grief

Fri 9 Sep, 4.30pm

Isobel Beech (Sunbathing) and Victoria Hannan (Marshmallow) discuss their latest novels, both meditations on the ripple effects of grief and the restorative power of love and friendship, with Jaclyn Crupi.