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Happily Ever After?

Sat 31 Aug, 11.30am
SLV, Isabella Fraser Room

MWF19’s Queermotions series looks at six emotional states – anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness and surprise – through an LBGTQI+ lens.

With same-sex marriage enshrined in law, it appears queer people can have it all – family, house and white picket fence. SL LimPeter PolitesSally Rugg, and Sasha Marianna Salzmann discuss if there should be agitation against traditional, heteronormative ‘happily ever after’ notions.

Sasha Marianna Salzmann supported by the Goethe-Institut


1 hour

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Session Artists

SL Lim was born in Singapore, moved to Sydney at the age of one, and has spent a good part of their life toggling back and forth. Their second novel Revenge will be published by Transit Lounge in 2020. They have lived in Slovakia for a bit, hates injustice, heterosexuality, the family, and the nation state, and has two pet birds almost as old as they are.

Peter Polites is a novelist and playwright from Western Sydney. He started his writing career in Sweatshop. His first novel Down the Hume is part queer, part ethnic and all noir. His second novel is The Pillars, a satire of gay aspirations.

Sally Rugg is the executive director at Change.org. She was a campaign director with GetUp and worked at the forefront of Australia's marriage equality campaign. Her first book, How Powerful We Are (Hachette, 2019), is about dirty politics, sophisticated digital campaigning and how Australia finally said 'yes' to love.

Sasha Salzmann is a playwright, essayist, curator and writer in residence of Gorki Theater Berlin. Her work is performed internationally and has won a number of awards. Salzmann´s Beside Myself is translated into 14 languages, won two major awards for best debut novel and was shortlisted for the Book Prize 2017.

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